Final exam – Thursday, May 22, 2014

Final exam. Looking at what’s on the students’ computer screens.

Doing this during past exams I’ve been more than a little snarky when they o things like look up “compound interest” on the web (we studied it in class!) or use a calculator when they have Excel open on the desktop.

I’ve realized that’s not fair (of me). I stress throughout the course that students should do what works for them – that’s why the exam is open book open notes open internet. So if they go to places they are comfortable and get good results, I’ve done my job.

Still looking around, trying to be a lot less critical, with some success. Students are spending more time on the web than the questions call for – researching national income, Oliver Smoot, viagra. I note one student typing into his or her answer that “to be kind I will say that most men almost completely stop having sex by the age of  70″. I wonder how old she thinks I am …

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