Final exam – Tuesday December 20, 2011

Live blogging. New for me!

Several students have asked what I mean by … . I told them that if I answered that question I’d be answering an exam question for them. I didn’t say that in real life they wouldn’t have the professor to ask. I did say that when in doubt they should write down what they think the meaning is, and then go with that.

I can see what all the students’ computer screens show. It’s illuminating.

Many students spend a lot of time googling for answers when everything they need to make a straightforward calculation is actually in the exam. So somehow “look it up” has replaced “think about it” in spite of my warning on the first page of the exam that web search isn’t likely to be useful.

Here are some searches I’ve seen, and pages they’ve looked at. I’ve commented on the ones that are reasonable.

I’ve seen several students who have an Excel spreadsheet open, with a calculator on the screen for their arithmetic.

One good google result: the NY Times has an update on the beef consumption graph that goes through about 2008. I’m curious to see what her answer looks like.

At least one student is constructing his answer to the take home part of the exam (reflections and a news story) right now, on the fly.

Two students done at the two hour mark.  Several following them soon after.

A common problem in the regression line exercise: students are starting with line charts rather than with scatter plots. But it looks as if you can still find the regression lines and their point of intersection.

Ten minutes to go and just five students left, so the exam wasn’t too long.

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